Teachers manual

The BEING ME toolkit provides educators in care and wellbeing with a set of learning resources on sexual and gender diversity to promote more inclusive care for LGBT older people. The toolkit consists of practical ready-made materials across a variety of blocks that can be included throughout the curriculum in care and wellbeing.

Many LGBT older people experience negative reactions (rejection, hostility, suspicion, pity, condescension, ostracism, or even refusal of treatment) in care organizations and are sometimes forced to hide their sexual identity, being pushed back into the closet. To raise awareness and acceptation of LGBT seniors in care it is important that our future health and social care staff recognizes the importance of sexual identity and sexual orientation in their assessment and care practices.

This toolkit is not meant to be used as an entire module on LGBT+ inclusive care. Each block could be used as part of your existing curriculum. The aim is to make the needs of LGBT+ older people, mainstream, blending into your ordinary teaching day and curriculum.

The BEING ME toolkit consists of 6 main blocks. Each block has a short introduction and purpose into why it is considered important for inclusive LGBT+ care. It includes an introductory activity, (eg. a roleplay, video, etc.) which you can also use in your class as a learning strategy.

The blocks consists of different topics, with a short theoretical background and practical tips and tricks on how to set up a specific learning activity (video's, role plays, games, poetry, case studies). You can use the online index to pick and choose the topic you are interested in. You can also decide to download an entire block or the entire toolkit.

The blocks are not meant to be exhaustive in terms of theory or literature review. They provide some literature, activities and add some practical tips and tricks on how to set up a learning activity. You are encouraged to review the resources and adapt the materials, taking into account local cultural contexts and the level of your learners.

We recommend you to go through this teacher's manual before you start using the blocks.

This teacher's manual starts with providing you with a set of best practice principles. Based on the best practice principles a self-assessment is available to guide you through the blocks. Finally this manual provides you with some general tips and tricks that can help you to:

  • Set up a safe and inclusive learning environment
  • Handle challenging situations in the classroom
  • Evaluate together with your students