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BEING ME will provide you with learning resources and best practices on sexual and gender diversity to promote more inclusive care for LGBT older people.

World Café Session

Output 2 16 May 2019

This report is based on our experiences of using a collaborative approach to identifying best practices for those involved in professional, vocational and community-based education and learning, in order to facilitate improved support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) older people in health and social care

The best practices discussed here on learning and teaching, emerged from cross national collaboration and intercultural dialogue with a variety of stakeholders, including older LGBT people, educators, practitioners and learners using the World Café method.

Best Practice Principles - Report

Activity 1 July 2018

A World Café Session was organized with educators, students and LGBT older people. Aim of the session was to define what inclusive care means for LGBT older people. The participants discussed the role of educators in care and wellbeing and how they can prepare students as our future care professional towards more inclusive care.

The session started by focusing on the stories of LGBT older people and their experiences. These were played back through song, music and theatre by 'Theater boven Water'. Their stories highlighted the importance of our project and supported a sense of urgency among the participants. After this the participants started to work in groups on different topics. Results of the session will feed into our learning resources.


Published article 30 September 2019

In the magazine: Sexual health news, issue 9, autumn 2019, professor Agnes HIggings PhD published on best practice principles: "Developing LGTB cultural competence in health and social care education"

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Published article 20 September 2019

Pedagogical principles and methods underpinning education of health and social care practitioners on experiences and needs of older LGBT+ people: Findings from a systematic review.

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Research Reports

Output 1 2 July 2018

The BEING ME partners have made a research report to scope the existing best practices in teaching on LGBT older people needs in care and wellbeing.

Have a look at our research summary. Listen to our main findings in this podcast or have a look at the overall research report.

The analysis includes country reports where the most important themes are identified in relation to LGBT older people, the obstacles they encounter and the support for inclusive care that already exists.

UK Ireland Slovenia The Netherlands Methodology and Template Presentation


Best Practice Principles 22 June 2020

Best practice principles on developing LGBT cultural competence in health and social care education.

Best Practice Principles